Elsewhere is an event focused on the themes of play, intimacy, community and authentic expression. 

e589c1a31919098d43e821050253f19cStarting as a two day event in 2014 that toured around Europe in seven different spaces, Elsewhere has now evolved into a longer,  immersive community living experiment.

The event flows between structured parts, where the space is held and guidance and exercises are given, and unstructured free space, where there is the freedom to follow our own impulses and find ways to co-create wherever it is we wish to go.

The structures helps us arrive, feel safe and deepen our connection to ourselves, the space and each other. The exercises will vary depending on the event, but generally focus on helping us meet everyone in the group, getting out of our heads and into our body (through for example various dance and movement exercises), exploring various themes such as connecting with our desires, our boundaries, our impulses and having the courage to follow them, different forms of intimacy (some of which may involve physical contact within your boundaries, others have nothing to do with physical contact), communicating through sound, words and through the body and discovering different forms of play (inspired through the facilitators backgrounds).

During the free, unstructured parts of Elsewhere, you are invited to make full use of space we have created together and explore, create, play, follow your own impulses, discover and honour the truth of each moment….

a2edb7d33bd2ae7be3a110235b608889Sometimes there might be very simple structures that allow a lot of freedom and collaborative potential, and sometimes there will be no structure whatsoever where we can explore the magic of what unfolds when we enter the unknown!


Why Play?

In a society that focuses so heavily on goals, functioning and producing, we can easily neglect ourselves and our need for play. When we play, we are doing something without  having a goal, where we can ‘switch off’ from our every day world and let other parts of us, rather than our rational, thinking mind lead the way. It helps us relax, let go of stress, see things in new ways, get in touch with our creativity, connect to hidden or disconnected aspects of ourselves, feel connection with others and HAVE FUN!

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”
― Plato


il_570xN.329088443When you get a group of strangers together in time and space, add the 7 principles of Elsewhere and combine structure (i.e a space that is held and guided by experienced facilitators) which enables us to feel safe and able to open and be vulnerable, with the possibility of freedom to follow our impulses, it…well… it just gets a bit MAGIC.

To find out more, watch the Elsewhere video below or read the FAQ or be inspired by what previous participants have said.




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