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Did you know that as women*, our bodies change every single day?

* & anyone with a menstrual cycle

Due to the cycling of our hormones, there are subtle yet significant changes that impact:

> Energy levels

> Creativity

> Critical thinking

> Sensitivity

> Empathy

> Ability to process information

> Spacial awareness

> Communication skills

> Problem Solving 

Wouldn’t it be intelligent to harness the potential of our nature, rather than go against it?

Women are largely working in a way that requires them to override their body’s natural rhythms. Not only does this contribute to unneccasary exhaustion and burnout, but it’s under-utilizing the wisdom and power within us.

Busting the taboo around menstruation and tapping into the potential of working with our cyclical nature not only fosters a people-orientated workspace, increasing well-being, resillience and resourcefulness,  but can boost creativity, productivity and support aligned leadership.

I support individuals, teams and organisations to tap into and utilize this power, tailouring one-on-one sessions, workshops and long-term culture change programs to suit your unique needs.

“Ruby was amazing to work with, and developed a bespoke programme for us to trial Cycle Awareness sessions at Nesta, to see how this would impact health and well-being in the work place. We’re excited to see how this can continue to inspire a healthier and happier life and more intelligent work practices!”


– Amy Richards, NESTA, the Innovation Foundation

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