Welcome to the Revolution

led by the wisdom of our bodies 



This is an invitation to live life in a radically different way, as you remember what it is to be deeply anchored into your own cyclical rhythms and inner guidance system.

It is a response to the increasingly urgent wake-up calls of our bodies and our planet, beckoning us to address our disconnect and begin listening to what is needed in order for life to thrive.

I’m glad you here…

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Hi, I’m Ruby

I’m an earth-lover,  a truth-seeker, an edge-dweller & a mischief-maker. I work as a midwife of new culture and community leader in the realms of cyclical living.

I believe that the idea that ‘change requires force and the more force the bigger the change’ is outdated. There is a quiet revolution happening from the ground up. 

Letting the intelligence of nature and our bodies guide us, we can return to being embedded in the flow with life, naturally anchored into connection and abundance.

I teach women to tap into this wisdom, through connecting to their menstrual cycle as a source of power & creativity.


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