Mentoring Sessions

with Ruby May








Are you feeling like the world around you is encouraging you to live in a way that goes against your natural rhythms?


As women, there’s a lot of pressure ‘in the name of equality’ to fit into the dominant culture around power,  so that we can be taken seriously and play on the same playing field as men.

The result is that as well as having made ‘progress,’ most of us are tired of this game and exhausted.


Women’s archetypal leadership style is simply slightly different. 


And the best way I’ve found to discover and embody this, is through our wombs and cyclical nature… 

It’s not an easy path to befriend our female bodies in a world in which disconnect is the norm and our menstrual cycle is seen as a curse.

Reconnecting with this wisdom (yes, our bodies contain profound wisdom!) requires we question what’s really true and strip away our negative cultural conditioning. It invites us to stop seeing our physical and emotional challenges as something going ‘wrong’ but our body and soul, intelligently speaking to us. And to develop the sensitivity and courage to slow down and feel.

Our wombs offer us a profound inner guidance system and a key to reclaiming our sense of connection, well-being, with fuelling our creativity and alignment with our sacred purpose in life.

My mentoring work centres around supporting you to discover this….  

Possible areas of exploration:

○ Connecting with and understanding the different phases of your menstrual cycle, how to tap into the gifts and discover how it’s ‘working’ you, especially through the challenging parts

○ Exploring life beyond being a ‘human-doing’, and cultivating a more balanced and integrated approach to living

○ Getting to know your own body more, learning to read her language, follow her guidance and feel a sense of belonging and home within

○ Healing your relationship to ‘the Feminine,’ understanding her qualities and how to embody them in healthy, balanced ways

○ Exploring new expressions of power that you can relax into, rather than using force or dominance

○ Receiving support in the journey of ‘shedding,’ bigger life transitions and walking the path of the unknown

○ Examining your conditioning around people pleasing and putting others needs before yours, and starting to live more courageously

○ Meeting and releasing shame around your sexual expression and looking at how your leadership can flow into this aspect of your life

Ruby’s coaching gives me a space to talk to the deepest parts of me that I sometimes do not always give space for, helping me to listen to my inner voice.  I am grateful for the way she would never let me get away with fooling myself but really going beyond all my layers until I got to what felt like the truth of the matter. There were many, many moments of ‘aha’, and they continue to ripple out months and months later….


A seriously sumptuous, sometimes subtle and other times dramatic, time of transformation. I feel like I’ve come home.




Taster session. (75 mins) : 60 euros

Single session (75 mins) : 111 euros

6 x 75 mins (1 per week or every other week) : 555 euros // also payable in instalments //


Curious to get to know me a little? 

A little bit more about me

Although my work is of course informed by the various trainings and wonderful teachers I have experienced in the past (MSc in Psychology, certified in Sexological Bodywork, Pelvic Heart Integration with Deborah Anapol,  Deep Living with James Swank, ‘Herzabeit’ with Michael Hartenfels, Tantra with John Hawken, Non-Violent Communication with Donal Ganon, Menstruality Leadership and Cyclical Business training with the Red School, Collective Trauma with Thomas Hübl),  what I have to offer is also thanks to over four decades of  life experience  and two decades of spiritual mentorship and enquiry.

Some of the themes that I feel I have been initiated into through my life experiences:

Burnout and addiction to ‘doing’, ‘independent woman syndrome,’ navigating different relationship forms, menstrual cycle awareness and living cyclically, living in community, being a hyper-sensitive, dealing with complex PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), narcissist partners, being a self-employed entrepreneur and ‘living the dream’, working with plant spirits, integrating authentic sexual expression, relationships beyond co-dependent relating.


“Working with Ruby for 3 months, has seen me transition in a way I was not expecting. It brought to light to a lot of what was happening already but in a safe, curious, loving way that allows for change to just appear. The cycle awareness has helped me transition and blossom, it feels, into womanhood!

Ruby is like a gentle sister, helping me witness and celebrate my achievements, giving voice to my inner critic and space for my inner child. Our weekly calls helped me keep my inner dialogue and reflection process alive and offered a lot of acceptance into what is.

 – Inbar