Why bother making friends with our sexuality? Why lift the lid on pandoras box when it can make us feel such discomfort or fear? Perhaps we feel like we’d rather keep the lid on: after all it’s only sex.

My extensive personal enquiry around sexuality has rewarded me with profound riches and insight, that have so been worth any discomfort I have experienced. Through it, I have been invited (ongoingly) by life to take steps into standing rooted in my power… to own what it is that I desire in life, to be able to express it; to own my right to pleasure in a much greater sense throughout life as a whole; to peel away conditioning in many other areas of life; to understand sexuality in a holistic sense as ‘eros’ – the nourishing, fundamental life-giving force that permeates all – and to feel myself as part of the web of life; to own my allure as a sensual, sexual woman and see what power that has in this world and how to navigate that consciously. And perhaps above all, and the theme that currently fascinates me the most: to begin to see and understand my essence and the gifts that I bring specifically as a woman and as me, to the world. Often this was through struggle: my body reacting in defence and numbness when I am not in my integrity in erotic encounters. And so, bit by bit, I learn that I bring gifts of an innate, embodied understanding of wholeness, of being tapped into the deliciousness of each moment without having goals, of the knowledge that life is flow and life is change, that the deepest ecstasy it to be found in letting go, that beauty is found in subtlety, that being sensitive is a super power and being vulnerable – although by its nature uncomfortable – brings the biggest depth, joy and meaning to life.