Women who say yes to themselves as sovereign, sexual beings are powerful creatures.

And that is a scary thing for us in a world with a paradigm of scarcity and ‘power over’, in which someone having power, generally means it’s both taken away from someone else and also used for personal gain and exploitation. No wonder we have a history of sexuality being controlled, manipulated, exploited and suppressed.

Women who own themselves as sexual beings might be powerful, but the world doesn’t need more power. The world needs us to open our hearts in deep communion with life, just as much as it needs us to claim our power. It needs us to be tender and vulnerable just as much as it needs us to have agency over our lives. It needs us to take full responsibility and wake up to the ways in which we manipulate to get power and the ways in which we are responsible for continuing to foster a war between genders.

As women we have been oppressed, but we have also been passive. We have been genuine victims and we have also unconsciously manipulated and invited victimhood in our lives in order to feel powerful. Real power involves dropping our stories that don’t serve us and taking full responsibility for our lives and the state of the world. Real power involves giving ourselves the validation and permission we long for from the outside.