Time to light some candles and take the time to reflect on the past year and visioning for this coming year!

Here are some questions I’ll be using that my dear friend Tiu De Haan suggested, maybe you want to use them too?






What was your biggest triumph?
What was the smartest decision you made in 2015?
What one word best sums up and describes your 2015 experience?
What was the greatest lesson you learned in 2015?
What was the most loving service you performed in 2015?
What is your biggest piece of unfinished business in 2015?
What are you most happy about completing in 2015?
Who were the three people that had the greatest impact on your life in 2015?
What was the biggest risk you took in 2015?
What was the biggest surprise in 2015?
What important relationship improved the most in 2015?
What compliment would you liked to have received in 2015?
What was the moment you felt most alive in 2015?
What creativity did you experience in 2015?
When did you feel most connected?
Were there any important births and/or deaths that happened in 2015?
If you saw the year as a treasure hunt, what treasures did you pick up along the way?
If you could pick one moment from the whole year to relive, what would it be?
What was your best failure?
What actions are needed to complete the year or anything that has come up in this series of questions?
What else do you need to do or say to be complete with 2016?

Creating 2016

What would you like to be your biggest triumph in 2016?
What advice would you like to give yourself in 2016?
What is the major effort you are planning to improve your financial results in 2016?
What would you be most happy about completing in 2016?
What major indulgence are you willing to experience in 2016?
What would you most like to change about yourself in 2016?
What are you looking forward to learning in 2016?
What do you think your biggest risk will be in 2016?
What about your work, are you most committed to changing and improving in 2016?
What is one as yet undeveloped talent you are willing to explore in 2016?
What brings you the most joy and how are you going to do or have more of that in 2016?
Who or what, other than yourself, are you most committed to loving and serving in 2016?
What one word would you like to have as your theme in 2016?