yumI wouldn’t go as far as to say that I’d never have anal sex with a man who hasn’t been penetrated himself… I’m not really one for principles… and besides, who hasn’t done slightly questionable things in the name of being turned on? ;)

But I find it so amazing how obvious the difference is between men who have been penetrated themselves and men who haven’t.

There is something about a man who has embodied the surrendering and opening and trust that’s required in anal penetration, who has been able to discern conditioning from truth around being a ‘real’ man and is so comfortable in his skin, and in his manhood that he is able to go deeply into this way of engaging.

It goes way beyond sex and asses…. it requires a profound and far-reaching rebellion against our conditioning around gender, and the ripples of this are huge….

And the effects are so beautiful… I find men who have gone there have much less tension in their bodies, feel much less ‘rigid’, are better lovers as they have more empathy and are just more ‘well-rounded’ overall as they are not polarized on one side of the spectrum.