Welcome to part 1… 


     …in which we set our intentions and learn about an archetypal cycle. 


Here is a (probably incomplete yet rather impressive) list of everything in your body that is affected by the cycle of your hormones:

skin surface lipid secretion, sebum production, skin thickness, fat deposition, skin hydration,  barrier function, dermal collagen content, skin pigmentation and UV susceptibility, resident microflora, immune function and disease susceptibility, lining of the vagina, secretion of the cervix, hair growth, body temperature, body weight, blood sugar, water retention, pulmonary vital capacity, alveolar Co2 concentration, arterial oxygen pressure, blood acidity, heart rate, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, platelet counts, serum proteins, vitamin A,C & E concentrations, bile pigments, blood adrenalin, urine volume, thyroid and adrenal function, pupillary size, pain threshold and ability to walk a tightrope!


Along with all the changes in our emotions and psyche, isn’t it  amazing that we have been living life in such a linear way?


If you’d like to know more about the science behind menstrual cycles, check out the blog on the Clue website (and they also have a free cycle tracking app you can download on your phone!)



Above is a guided meditation, that takes you on a journey through the life cycle of a plant, to give you an embodied sense of the seasons.

Notice what comes up for you in each season. Are there ones that you can connect more easily to, and others that are more challenging? What insights does it catalyse in you?


Find a quiet moment where you could do with a little grounding and inspiration for this second guided meditation. An invitation to cultivate presence with yourself, connect with your womb and explore her qualities of holding, nourishment and creative power.


Welcome to part 2… 


     …in which we look at the practice of Cycle Tracking.

Get to know the pattern of your cycle…

As you chart your cycle you will begin to see a pattern—your unique rhythm and flow. For example the time when you feel most:

energised/low energy
chilled and relaxed/highly strung
motivated and focused/dreamy/scattered
easy going and harmonious/critical
communicative / withdrawn
overwhelmed / ‘I can deal with everything!’
inspired and bursting with ideas
sensitive/thick skin
tidy and organised
sexy and generally gorgeous
sexual/low sex drive
honest and real about your life
outspoken and no-nonsense/easygoing
rebellious and troublemaking

Well done!

You have now completed the introduction to Know Your Flow!

Are you ready to dive in further into living and leading, attuned to your cycle?

Life-Time Access to the rest of the course includes:

12 videos (designed for you to watch one a week for 12 weeks / 3 cycles, that YOU choose, depending on which inner season you are in!)

Guided meditations & curated playlists for the different inner seasons

○ Access to a listening partner with whom you can share what you’re discovering & keep each other on track!

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