The ‘Know Your Flow’ Cycle Tracking Journal takes you on a six month journey through your menstrual cycle, supporting  you to attune to your internal rhythms and guidance, so you can cultivate more wellbeing, balance and flow in life and on our planet.

○ Six cycle tracking charts to document your cycle. Write a few words each day or colour code feelings, then look back and discover the patterns unique to your cycle.

Free space for journaling and doodling.

Journaling prompts for four different inner seasons.

○ A selection of inspiring quotes.

Written by creative visionary & coach Ruby May, beautifully illustrated by artist Carolina Mandragora and designed by cyclical designer Nora Ora, it contains:

An introduction to the practice of cycle tracking and cyclical living as embodied activism. Learn about how your cycle impacts your moods, energy levels, skills and what you find challenging each day, so you can flow with it, rather than against it.

○ A weekly theme and short text to inspire you, related to each cycle phase : from boundaries to creativity, navigating the inner critic to creating rituals, from the politics of pleasure to the intelligence of pain.

Whether you are drawn to living in connection with your cycle due to challenges such as painful bleeds or PMS, or simply out of an inner knowing that ‘there must be another way’ beyond the linear, productivity and growth obsessed culture we live in, Know Your Flow will inspire you to stay connected to your body and be initiated through its magic and wisdom.

We’ve currently sold out of the first printing (pictured). Current copies are identical aside from not having a ring binder and have a slightly glossier and more stain resistent cover and are being sold through the self-publishing department of Amazon (yes, not ideal and a difficult decision!)

A womb activists handbook!

Know Your Flow is a gentle hand reaching towards you to support you on your journey of cultivating a loving connection to your body and being a culture creator in a world that desperately needs us to listen within, cultivate fierce compassion, embody our wholeness and stand our ground. I LOVE IT!

Iva Samina

Women's Empowerment & Conscious Sexuality Coach & Speaker

I especially love taking time daily to reflect on my mood, and connect this to the season I’m in and the journal prompts. I’ve only been using the journal for three weeks now and it already gave me some really nice insights.


Full-time mother

The weekly enquiries and questions are so on point and well choosen and really touch deep levels of myself. After enquiring into a question over some days, it always triggers lots of new insights.  I am starting to rethink things that I was never questioning before!


Somatic Experiencing coach

Your words feel so alive, authentic and to-the-point but still playful, and awaken my inner passion for being part of this quiet but powerful revolution…it sparks a sense of ‘I can’t wait to get started!’ in me.


Facilitator & Mediator