The ‘Know Your Flow’ Cycle Tracking Journal takes you on a six month journey through your menstrual cycle, supporting  you to attune to your internal rhythms and guidance, so you can cultivate more wellbeing, balance and flow in life and on our planet.

Lovingly illustrated by artist Carolina Mandragora and designed by cyclical designer Nora Ora, it contains:

○ an introduction to cyclical living as embodied activism and to the practice of cycle tracking

○ six cycle tracking charts

○ free space for journaling

○ journalling prompts

○ a weekly theme and short text or ‘thought bite’ (related to each cycle phase): from boundaries to creativity, navigating the inner critic to creating rituals, from the politics of pleasure to the intelligence of pain.

A womb activists handbook!

Know Your Flow is a gentle hand reaching towards you to support you on your journey of cultivating a loving connection to your body and being a culture creator in a world that desperately needs us to listen within, cultivate fierce compassion, embody our wholeness and stand our ground. I LOVE IT!

Iva Samina

Women's Empowerment & Conscious Sexuality Coach & Speaker

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