After a peaceful few days, now in the full flow of my internal Autumn, today I awoke to a sense of deep irritability and tension within.

I am acutely aware of tension in the field around me – the unspoken words, silent projections and triggers, unprocessed emotions. Perhaps fuelled by the new moon and slowly heading into the darkness of my internal winter, anything unhonoured and unnamed in my own and others shadow becomes intolerable.

PMT is one of the things that we do actually speak about relating to periods, although it’s tragic that we don’t understand the gifts and gold in our irritability and volatility.

Life is inviting us to embrace it in it’s entirety – the dark and light, in it’s chaos, unpredictability, movement and flow. Most of us humans share a history of this being suppressed. I chose this image because I think of the periods in history where women wore corsets and what a symbol this was for containing ourselves and keeping everything together.

There is a certain time of our menstrual cycle where the truth is harder to ignore, where the dam is thinner and we are more likely to burst and to finally allow our inner world to come hurtling out.

What would life be like if we received more permission from ourselves and those around us to be free at all times with how we feel, what we see in the world, what is alive in us, what needs speaking out?

What would it be like if we could celebrate letting off steam, exploding, daring to name what is – so that it can be in service to Truth and to the preciousness and wildness and unpredictability of life?

We’ve ignored the gifts of our cycle for so long, and there is so much gold to be found…

“How can a woman learn to speak up if she is instructed to silence the most basic biological function of her body?”

(From a Irish Times article, with thanks to Lisa de Jong from her great piece)