Today I feel my body and being at the peak of it’s manifestation mode, as I tip into ovulation and wonder woman mode  It’s the time when I wake up full of energy, purpose and the feeling of being able to Get Shit Done.

The most basic way I use my cycle awareness is for managing my energy levels. So at the moment I am finding it quite natural to organise a workshop this past weekend, launch my Crimson Tide workshop (this is the best time for launching things or exposing ourselves as we are more inclined to be full of confidence and exuberance and our skin is a little thicker!), go out dancing, wake up early, do an hour of garden work, some admin and then plough into three appointments in town. In fact, if I don’t keep myself busy and accomplishing things during these days, I feel very restless, like a racing car in neutral.

I have noticed though in the last few months, that a layer of my being that is emerging and needing love and integration, does not like this phase and awaits the following one with increasing impatience.

My energy feels like a clumsy wild bull sometimes or a cannon ball that will knock over anyone who stands in my way. My skin feels thick and I find it hard to be soft or cry. I have spent most of my life in constant manifestation, not valuing rest and letting go, reflection and being quiet, as much as I need. I have manifested out of an addiction to doing and a fear of scarcity, manifested from places that are not totally aligned and rooted in source and so one of the biggest learnings from my cycle awareness practice is to begin valuing the other half of my cycle where my body invites me to slow down and embrace emptiness.

But for now, I will harness this wave of energy coursing through me, enjoy the feeling of being expanded and engaged with the outside world, use it for getting through my to do list and enjoying being sociable, and remember in this state of feeling high on life right now – not to make too many plans over the next weeks, because very shortly, another internal landscape will reveal itself where life will be very different! :)

(image by unknown artist!)