Ritual, Reflection & Dreaming

to welcome in a new cycle













Welcome, dear one


Never before has the message been so clear:   

Slow down, 

Embrace the descent, and dare to face the darkness.

As we descend towards the Winter Solstice, nature invites us to use this time to come into deeper presence with what is.

In our culturally linear world that largely relies on constant productivity, where overstimulation & chronic stress are the norm, allowing the cyclical nature of life to guide and inspire us in order to come back into balance and alignment, is a much needed & radical act. 

The Coven is a gentle hand reaching out towards you, a cosy place of respite as you allow yourself to be guided through ritual, reflection, creative practices and visioning, to integrate the past cycle and dream a new one into being…

Inspired by living cyclically & nature patterning, with where we are in these unprecedented times, The Coven is also an invitation to remember that each of us matters and has a unique role to play in creating the world we wish to live in.

By taking time to quieten our minds, ground and listen in to the wisdom of our bodies and the earth, we can make ourselves available to become part of the self-healing mechanism of our planet. 

And although we are all on our own individual journeys, by creating a field of shared intention and support together, we are greater than the sum of our parts.



The journey is divided into 4 chapters….

Chapter 1


Tuning into the descent towards the Winter Solstice and our connection to the earth, we explore our relationship to slowing down and the Yin principle, as we receive nature’s invitation to ‘infurl’.

Chapter 2


Reflecting over the past cycle, digesting & integrating, we notice what we feel invited to let go, so we can create space and fertile ground for a new cycle.

Chapter 3


Connecting to our roots, and inviting emptiness & mystery, as we surrender ourselves to the magic of darkness. We invoke our ancestors and the spirit how they might have experienced this time, celebrating the thinning of the veil between worlds.

Chapter 4


Honouring the returning of light, we welcome the future and tune into our desire to be in heart-centered & soul-aligned service to the earth. We invite her wisdom & guidance, as we allow ourselves to dream into the oncoming cycle.

As a member of the Coven, you will receive:

Four series of generative questions for journalling & creative writing: to support your reflection, integration & harvesting wisdom of the past cycle & consciously transitioning into a new one. Poems and inspirational quotes to deepen our wonder of this time.

Four short audio enquiries & meditations on cyclical living, offering inspiration for each part of the process & four musical playlists to accompany you.

Suggestions for different simple rituals & creative activities, including working with an interactive altar, cosy, creative group activities, using seasonal plants & foods, working with the element of fire & crafting with natural, locally sourced materials.

A series of four Yin Yoga Practices themed for each chapter from Liina Tael



✶ Exclusive download link to DEEP PEACE VOL 3 from Alma Omega

How to sign up:


  • Journaling questions
  • Ritual suggestions
  • Guided audios
  • Playlists
  • Yin Yoga classes
  • Download link for Deep Peace