Summer Solstice

~ an invitation to pause ~

As we approach the Summer Solstice of the Southern Hemisphere – the longest day and shortest night of this Cycle – we enter a perfect time to take a moment to step back & take a breath…

In our fast-paced, culturally linear world, we have forgotten the power of aligning with cycles. It’s so easy to feel like we’re stuck in the ‘hamster wheel,’ never having the time to pause and recalibrate and ensure life feels aligned.


Using these midpoints of the year enables us to:

➸Harvest the lessons of life, honour and integrate what was, in order to create space for something new

 Remember who we really are & what really matters to us, so we can become conscious participants in our evolution, inviting more alignment

Become more present with this moment and remember our gratitude for this extraordinary planet we have the honour to call home

The Coven offers you…

Creative Workbook

A  downloadable PDF creative workbook, designed to print, with a series of generative questions & creative writing ideas, supporting you to reconnect with this cycle so far, explore the challenges, gifts, lessons and harvests, take note of where you are now, and where you feel inspired to go…

Yoga Nidra

A Summer Solstice themed Yoga Nidra journey with Liina Tael, for grounding with and connection to this time.

Ideas for Rituals

Suggestions of simple rituals & creative exercises to connect with the magic of Solstice & this time of year, plus tips on how to connect with your intuition and inner ritualist.


An exclusive, private Summer Solstice mix & download link by DJ Alma ∞ Omega,  crafted especially for The Coven

Purchase here: