Summer Solstice

~ an invitation to pause ~

Create a container for yourself. 

This is about carving out time for you. Clear & adorn your space. Light a candle. Smudge. If you are overwhelmed, choose the questions that speak to you. If you can’t print out the workbook, just use a journal or piece of paper. You can burn it, or keep it until the Winter Solstice for your next mid year review.

The year in review so far…

○ Looking back at who and where I was on the Winter Solstice 2020: with what intentions, goals and feelings, did I come into this new cycle?

○ How is it to tune into those intentions with my reality right now?

○ What were some changes that happened in this cycle so far?

○ Looking back, what is there to grieve, and what is there to be thankful for? 

○ What were the biggest challenges and how did I navigate them?

○ What are the gifts to be found in the challenges? Did I develop new forms of resillience, new skills, receive important insights or integrate parts of myself?

○ If my body could speak, what would it tell me about its experience of this year so far?

○ Who did I feel most connected to, and which people in my life am I the most grateful for? How has community played a role?

○ When did I light up the most or feel the most in flow?

○ What do I feel like I manifested within this cycle so far?

○ What did I try and manifest and it didn’t happen? Why might that be?

○ If life were giving me the perfect lesson to learn something in this cycle so far, what would it be?


Tuning into the Here & Now:


What is my body saying to me right now?

If the earth in this moment in time is teaching me something about life, what would it be?

What wants to take up more space in my life right now?

What is life inviting me to accept and make peace with right now?

Where do I feel aligned and in flow in my life, and where not?

If I could accept something and then lovingly let it go, to make space for something new, what would it be?


Dreaming into the future…

Imagining myself in the future at the Winter Solstice 2021, how do I want to feel?

What are the core values I want to live by? (For example go here)

What would I like my biggest triumph to be? Do I have any goals?

What do I want to serve? What do I stand for? If I had a manifesto, what do I want it to be?

What would support me to deepen my ability to serve and what are ways I want to put myself first?

What am I most committed to accepting in myself?

What am I most committed to accepting in others?

What qualities within me would I like to give more space to?

What would my life look like if my values really matched my actions?

○ If my future self from my best possible future,looked back with compassion at me right here, right now and could give me some advice, what would they say?