The PMS Survival Guide

1) Remember this is a particular lens that is being temporarily offered to you. You are not permanently anxious or miserable and you will feel differently soon! The drop in your hormones that leads to this is part of the intelligence (yes, intelligence!) of your menstrual cycle that takes you on an evolutionary journey of consciousness each month. 

2) Recognise your thoughts. You are not your thoughts, you are having thoughts. See if you can label them: “Oh, here is another thought around not enoughness,” “Oh, hello thought that’s telling me life isn’t ok as it is.” 

3) Consider the possibility that you are being taken exactly where you need to be taken, to bring balance. Do you have some internalised rage that needs to be expressed? Unintegrated trauma, unfelt grief or fears or unmet truths? Nature is always moving us towards balance.

4) Move any stuck energy. Do you need to listen to some Panthera and punch a pillow or have a good cry? It’s hard to deeply face our emotions and sometimes if we’re under resourced or don’t have the support, we might need to bypass them for a bit. Forgive yourself! But you will feel better if you create space to move stuck emotion. 

5) What do you need? Feeling shitty is often pointing to an unmet need. This is also the time in our cycle where our body becomes more sensitive and needs to slow down and supports us to remember we are human beings not doings! Are you letting yourself slow down? Can you let others around you know how you’re feeling & what you need, or even let them know in advance?

6) What truths need acknowledging? What may not be in integrity in your life? Is there something about your lifestyle, work or relationships that is ready to shifted or let go of? Now is the time where our bullshit meter is on alert and life demands our attention and commitment to truth.*

* Often this is not the best time to make decisions though, but ‘bleeding on it’ (taking a question into your bleed and calling in an answer) can be a powerful practice.

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