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Doors open on September 17th and if you sign up for my masterclass  & join Know Your Flow between then and October 1st, you will receive a juicy 20% discount! 

8pm CEST (7pm GMT) 17.9.20 | From Pain to Pleasure: Unlock the Gifts of your Menstrual Cycle

Does your menstrual cycle give you physical pain or touch emotional challenges?

Being attuned to our cycle is not something we ever really learned in school, and so many of us have gone through life cursing our cycle or avoiding thinking about it.

Join me in this masterclass as we look at how to unlock the gifts in your cycle, and move from pain to pleasure!

8pm CEST (7pm GMT) 1.10.20 | Period Power: Cyclical Living as Embodied Activism

What does Menstrual Cycle Awareness have to do with activism?

Join me in diving into the essence of Know Your Flow, as we look at how living cyclically supports us to dismantle internalised oppression and create new, more life-affirming ways of being, and a happier, healthier, more vibrant you & world!