Menstrual Medicine Circles

with Ruby May








A Menstrual Medicine Circle (MMC) Session is an opportunity to drink deeply from the well of wisdom that lies within you through a remarkable modality was created and developed by Alexandra Pope & Sjanie Wurlitzer Hugo of the Red School.

It is a gentle yet powerful process in which you are taken on a guided visualisation of your menstrual cycle and bring in a question or challenge, in which to receive the wisdom and medicine of your cycle. 

You can explore:

○ a question in life you are currently facing, in which you’d like to access your intution and a cyclical perspective around

○ a desire to deepen your connection as a whole to your menstrual cycle, or a challenge related to it that you’d like insight around

○ something related to a creative cycle or larger life cycle that you require support with


During the session, you are guided into a light trance state and invited to visualise your menstrual cycle and journey through each inner season. Through tapping into the cyclical intelligence that lives deep within you, you can come into greater connection with the flow of energy and receive feedback on where there might be imbalances such as blockages or an overflow, receive illuminating insights and/or gifts to your support healing and integration.

Sessions take approximately 90 minutes with a 45 minute follow up one month later. 

Who is it for?

Although you don’t need to have a menstrual cycle (you might e.g be menopausal, pregnant or breastfeeding), a basic understanding of the different phases of the menstrual cycle is required.


How to sign up for a session

Sessions cost 90 EUR 

To sign up for a session, click below to choose a date and I’ll be in touch with further details on how to prepare.