We claim our right to THRIVE in this world,

and the need to create new systems and structures
that honour the cyclical blueprint of life.
We claim our right to live in dignity:
attuned to the cyclical wisdom of our bodies.
We commit to stop normalising
going against my body through pushing & numbing,
and the exhaustion & burnout this creates.
We commit to upholding & embodying
the global shift that’s called for:
Transforming how we see intelligence –
as including the body, intuition & emotions
Redefining strength,
to include softness,
sensitivity & compassion
Valuing our birthright of being
as much as doing
Resting without guilt
& remembering our birthright of play
We claim the need for descent.
The power and grace of surrender,
that allows us to meet life in fullness & depth,
rather than skim the surface.
The gifts of darkness
Reminding us of wholeness
The trust in death,
as a beginning
not just an ending.