What is Know Your Flow?

Know Your Flow is a 13 week online mentoring programme and a thriving international community of women & people with wombs who are exploring their menstrual cycle as a key towards reclaiming our sense of connection, well-being, fuelling our creativity and alignment with our sacred purpose in life.

Know Your Flow will support you to:

○ Develop your sensitivity and self-awareness and start to recognise the different qualities of each phase of your cycle.

○ Learn how to harness the superpowers and flow with the challenges of each phase. Master managing your energy levels – more balance, less burn out!

○ Develop a new relationship with your body, learn how to read her language and respond.  Address any challenging menstrual symptoms you have and learn how to work with them.

○ Experience how the cycle ‘works’ you and how listening to what is revealed offers you all the personal and spiritual growth you could want!

○ Develop a new repertoire of healthy self-care habits around your emotional resilience and well-being.

○ Join a growing global community of women & people with wombs who are using Menstrual Cycle Awareness for  revolutionising their self-care and creativity, and manifesting soul-aligned visions, for the well-being of our planet!

Know Your Flow is not simply a course:  cycle awareness has become like a portal to a new way of perceiving, connecting, appreciating and living my life.

It also was not just 3 months of acquiring new information, but an initiation to a lifelong deepening of my kinship with myself and with the people and the world around me.

But the most important change for me is knowing that I’m not alone on this journey, but supported and witnessed in a very real and tangible way by a vibrant community of women walking, skipping, stumbling, crawling, dancing on this path right alongside me. 


You will receive:


○ A cycle chart to help you start your cycle tracking

○ An introduction video to get you started and 12 other videos – one per week (10-15 minutes long). You decide which video to watch, depending on where you are in your cycle! Plus enquiries and exercises, carefully curated to give you the perfect amount of input without overwhelm!

Access to a community call every other week, to connect with other participants and support each other.

2 one-to-one bespoke mentoring sessions with Ruby

○ Playlists & Guided Meditations for each phase of your cycle

  Access to a Facebook group, to connect with other members

○ Simple, stress-free weekly email reminders to engage with the content

○ A womb buddy (someone also doing the course who you can connect & reflect with)

○ An invitation to become a member of the Inner Circle community once you’ve completed the 13 weeks. We are a thriving international collective spanning 3 continents and 9 different countries, who are learning and growing together in our practice of cyclical living.


What you can expect:

The Basics:

○ Introduction to the daily practice of Cycle Tracking

○ In depth explanation of each phase

○ Read the signs of your body and learn how to work with challenges and symptoms that may show up

○ Use nutrition and food as medicine for supporting your cycle and optimal hormonal health

○ Simple rituals for creating a magical bleed

Getting to know the Feminine:

○ Access the archetypes of the maiden, mother, lover & priestess through the womb & utilizing their gifts

○ Master the two energetic currents of the Yin & Yang

○ Work with the archetypal Feminine wound of ‘not-enoughness’

○ Cultivate magnetism & flow rather than pushing & burn out

Cultivating Emotional Literacy:

○ Understand and navigate your inner critic

○ Learn to work with reactivity and how to hold yourself in your vulnerability

○ Practice to identify & ask for what you need

Embodied Activism:

○ Meet internalised oppression & move into connection and new ways of relating

○ Become a pioneer in uncovering collective cultural blindspots

○ Reclaim embodied ways of knowing and redefine ‘intelligence’. Strengthen your intuition and experience ‘being’ a body, rather than ‘having’ one.

○ Cultivate balance so that you can let that overflow into a world that desperately needs it!


○ Re-sensitize. Discover more depth and richness in the world around you.

○ Navigate cycle-related conflict in relationship

○ Develop healthy boundaries as compassionate self-care

○ Explore your relationship to desire and learn how to use desire as a compass in life

○ Make peace with your need to rest and spend time simply being


○ Synch your projects, business and creative endeavours with your cycle for ultimate ease and flow

○ Use your cycle for soul-aligned manifestation

This is what I believe:

That the way forwards is through community.

That having a sense of belonging and being held is a human need.

And that in these pivotal times, we need community and collaboration to harness our collective creativity & intelligence.

This intention lies at the very foundation of Know Your Flow.

What previous participants say…

What I truly value about your work  – alongside the content and healing powers of the videos – are also your honest sharings  with us. It doesn‘t feel like you‘re positioning yourself high up on a pedestal, pretending you have it all figured out, which makes me feel like leadership and teaching can actually come from a place of love, ongoing growth, healing and mutual respect.


Pantarei life coach

Know your Flow was life-changing  for me. It taught me to listen to my body and her wisdom instead of just optimising her to function.



Know Your Flow gave me an intimate new language I wasn’t speaking before, and connection with a tribe of women who speak this language. I received acknowledgment, validation and new found joy for having a woman’s body; that bleeds, that creates, that contains, that is cyclical. I speak more with my body than I did before, I feel my womb more than ever!


Photographer & creative visionary

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Who am I?

 Hi, my name is Ruby.

I’m an earth-lover, a truth-seeker, a mischief-maker, seemingly born with a fierceness for figuring out what feels truthful beyond my conditioning and embodying that, regardless of how against the grain it might be. And that hasn’t always been easy!

Sometimes that’s meant being a little wild and living an unconventional life, drawn like a magnet to the taboo. Based in London and then Berlin, I worked professionally with sexuality for ten years in various forms, ranging from burlesque & fetish costume design to a being a sex-worker, pro-domme, intimacy coach and for the last eight, offering workshops on human relating all over the world.

While it was full of adventures and expansion and growth, it was a fast pace and a lot of intensity for my nervous system, and I began to feel the whisperings of my soul that it was time for another evolution.

I remember the moment I found out about Menstrual Cycle Awareness, and the massive, full body YES I felt to devote myself to this practice. After having immersed myself in the topic of female leadership for a while, the burning question of how women might have a different style of leadership to men (and how important for the world this would be!), studying the female body and the qualities of the womb made deep sense to me.

And thus started my initiation into womb-led living…

I say initiation because that’s what it’s felt like.

Life got a bit magic. How could it not? We are tapping into the creative principle of the universe!

In some ways, life got a lot easier as I relaxed into the ‘holding’ of my womb, and became a collaborator with my body, starting to go with my flow, rather than against it.

And in some ways it has not been easy…. initiations never are! The more deeply anchored into my womb and body I am, the more layers of trauma come up to be met and tenderly integrated. Through this practice, we are chipping away at many generations of a disconnected, oppressive way of being in the world, that has led us to feel so separate from our bodies and life and our planet. It’s hard work going against the grain and there are some pretty big forces out there that have invested interests in continuing these systems that we are creating alternatives to, through this practice.

The idea that ‘change requires force and the more force the bigger the change’ is outdated. I believe in a quiet revolution that starts from the ground up – literally –  as we feel the whisperings of the earth through the soles of our feet. Letting nature and our bodies guide us, we can return to being embedded in the flow with life, naturally anchored into connection and abundance.

We are the quiet revolution, weaving a web of connection and solidarity to life around the world, reclaiming what it is to thrive as a woman in today’s world.

I’m glad you’re here.



Feel free to contact me


How long will I have access to the content for when I sign up?

  • You’ll have access for one year.

I don’t have a regular cycle, can I still take part?

  • Yes, you are welcome to take part.  If you have a regular and average length cycle, it would mean that you’d be in a different season each week and watching the corresponding videos would take 13 weeks. As you choose when to watch each video though you can go at whatever pace or in whatever rhythm fits you.

 I’m peri-menopausal, can I take part?

  • You are most welcome to take part if you feel the pull, however if your cycle is waning and irregular, it would probably not work out with watching a different video each week that corresponds with each phase of your cycle. You might still really enjoy and benefit from the content though!

I’m on the pill, can I take part?

  • If you’re on the pill, it means that you don’t have a real menstrual cycle, but you are still more than welcome to take part and use it as an opportunity to deepen the connection to yourself!

I identify as non-binary or trans, can I take part?

  • Please read my statement around diversity below!

I have endometriosis / polycystic ovary syndrome / fibroids: will this program cure me?

  • While I’ve seen the practice of Menstrual Cycle Awareness support challenging hormonal conditions such as these, especially when combined with dietary changes, this program is no guarantee for transforming your condition, and is not a substitute for professional healthcare. If you come under the large percentage of women who are challenged by these conditions, you are still very welcome to take part.

Statement on Diversity

Anyone with a womb within its cycling years, is warmly welcomed to take part in Know Your Flow.

I have had many beautiful experiences of sharing spaces with people who don’t identify within gender norms, and deeply welcome the richness and healing that diversity can bring.

I also honour the potential challenge, tension and triggers when you are in a space with people whose eyes may not have been as opened to the topic of gender diversity, and when discussions rely heavily on the shared experience of being female.

It is really important to me that this feels like a safe and inclusive space, that welcomes diversity and questions our unconscious priviledges and biases. I have a commitment to not tolerating any form of discrimination.

If you identify beyond binaries or a trans, and are interested in joining or have feedback for me, please do get in touch!