“There is no power greater than a community discovering what it cares about”

-Margaret Wheatley

The Know Your Flow Collective:

A sanctuary for womb-led rebels & revolutionaries

May’s learning session:

Belly dance & Self-love

with Larissa Fembelly


May 11th 8pm – 9:30pm CEST

Larissa Fembelly is a German-Brazilian Belly dance teacher who uses this form of expression to support women to embody and embrace their Feminine essence and connect with their sexual energy in ways that transmit deep self-love. She will be giving us a taster of her work in this session. 

Future learning sessions:

Cervix Awakening

with Iva Samina

July 6th 8pm CEST (7pm GMT+1)

Iva Samina is a sexuality educator, sexological bodyworker, hypno birthing instructor and mother of three daughters, whose passion it is to support people to discover and fulfill their truest expression and most authentic sexual selves. Iva will be sharing her knowledge about the cervix with us, as a source of pleasure, power, creative potential and mysticism. 

Solstice Reflection Ritual

with Ruby May


June 22nd 7pm CEST (6pm GMT+1)

Join me for a ritual to celebrate the Solstice and midway point of the annual cycle. Bring a journal, a candle to light and make some tea!… we’ll be journalling, reflecting and taking stock of where we’ve been, pausing and appreciating the here and now, and feeling into our hopes and dreams for the rest of the cycle to come.

Womb Massage

with Zohar Ren

August 17th 8pm CEST (7pm GMT+1)

Zohar Ren is a devoted ally of the feminine, doula and abdominal arvigo massage therapist, who brings with her a deep knowledge in the realms of female health from the physical to the spiritual. She will be guiding us through a hands on belly massage, to connect with our pelvis and wombs.

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