“There is no power greater than a community discovering what it cares about”

-Margaret Wheatley

The Know Your Flow Collective:

A sanctuary for womb-led rebels & revolutionaries

October’s learning session:

Yoni Mapping

with Simona

October 19th 8pm to 10pm CEST
(7pm – 9pm GMT+1)

Simona is a femme massage practitioner and embodiment facilitator, whose mission and dedication is in supporting people to (re)connect to their womb space and Yoni (sancrit: the womb, the „source“, the female sexual organs).

In this session she will give a short introduction of the female body’s anatomy and the uniqueness and beauty of the vulva and then guide us through a meditative and empowering hands-on practice: the mirror-session – discovering your vulva with awe and admiration & the yoni-mapping – exploring your vagina in a consensual, loving and curious way, forming new bonds and rooting deeply in the female beings that we are.

Future learning sessions:

The Work

with Geetje Couwenbergh 

November 19th 8pm CET (7pm GMT+1)

Geertje Couwenbergh is a writer and innerpreneur based in the Netherlands. She authored five Dutch books and has been teaching embodied writing workshops for over a decade. She owes her sanity to The Work© of Byron Katie and is excited to share this process and method of enquiry with us. The Work supports a tapping into the wisdom that lives inside us, and breaking free from unneccessary suffering.