Hi, my name is Ruby


I’m an earth-lover, a truth-seeker, a mischief-maker, seemingly born with a fierceness for figuring out what feels truthful beyond my conditioning and embodying that, regardless of how against the grain it might be. And that hasn’t always been easy!

Sometimes that’s meant being a little wild and living an unconventional life, drawn like a magnet to the taboo. Based in London and then Berlin, I worked professionally with sexuality for ten years in various forms, ranging from burlesque & fetish costume design to a being a sex-worker, pro-domme, intimacy coach and for the last eight, offering workshops on human relating all over the world.

While it was full of adventures and expansion and growth, it was a fast pace and a lot of intensity for my nervous system, and I began to feel the whisperings of my soul that it was time for another evolution.

I remember the moment I found out about Menstrual Cycle Awareness, and the massive, full body YES I felt to devote myself to this practice. After having immersed myself in the topic of female leadership for a while, the burning question of how women might have a different style of leadership to men (and how important for the world this would be!), studying the female body and the qualities of the womb made deep sense to me.

And thus started my initiation into womb-led living…

I say initiation because that’s what it’s felt like.

Life got a bit magic. How could it not? We are tapping into the creative principle of the universe!

In some ways, life got a lot easier as I relaxed into the ‘holding’ of my womb, and became a collaborator with my body, starting to go with my flow, rather than against it.

And in some ways it has not been easy…. initiations never are! The more deeply anchored into my womb and body I am, the more layers of trauma come up to be met and tenderly integrated. Through this practice, we are chipping away at many generations of a disconnected, oppressive way of being in the world, that has led us to feel so separate from our bodies and life and our planet. It’s hard work going against the grain and there are some pretty big forces out there that have invested interests in continuing these systems that we are creating alternatives to, through this practice.

The idea that ‘change requires force and the more force the bigger the change’ is outdated. I believe in a quiet revolution that starts from the ground up – literally –  as we feel the whisperings of the earth through the soles of our feet. Letting nature and our bodies guide us, we can return to being embedded in the flow with life, naturally anchored into connection and abundance.

We are the quiet revolution, weaving a web of connection and solidarity to life around the world, reclaiming what it is to thrive as a woman in today’s world.

I’m glad you’re here.



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In Gratitude to the following guides, mentors & inspirations…



Alexandra Pope & Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer (my guides at the Red School where I completed the Menstruality Leadership Training in 2017)

Susanne Brian (close friend and mentor around self-love & emotional literacy)

The Sensing the Change team with whom I initiated this project in 2018

John Hawken (Tantra & Dark Eros, a mentor and collaborator in the past)

Andreas Demmel (systemic constellation work & past collaborator)

MaryAnn McCabe (mentor since 2004)

Jamie Catto (friend & collaborator)

Thomas Hübl (with whom I studied Collective Trauma and Healing through We Spaces)

Charles Eisenstein (one of my favourite thinkers and speakers)

Deborah Anapol (with whom I studied Pelvic Heart Integration)

Joseph Kramer (The founder of Sexological Bodywork where I studied in 2010)

Philip Shepherd (Favourite embodiment ‘thinker’ & teacher)

Kai Ehrhardt (Founder of the Somatic Academy, Authentic Eros, long time friend and collaborator)